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相反,另一相反方面/向的意思,有时候也可说成“ the other way around“,意思一样 一般是描述了事物的一个方面,接着叙述另一个方面,而且是相反的方面的时候,会说相反地,怎样怎样。 例如: One way to be more creative is by doing things t...

Weezer - The Other Way Paolo Nutini - No Other Way

歌词“I must go the other way”出自歌曲《Bressanone》 歌名:Bressanone 词曲:Matthew Lien 演唱:Matthew Lien Here I stand in Bressanone With the stars up in the sky Are they shinning over Brenner And upon the other side You would...

the other way around 倒过来;从相反方向 网络释义 相反地 ... 随不同的季节而变化 change from season to season 相反地 the other way around 因……而受到惩罚 be punished for ... 从相反方向 ... ... 对…表示满意或满足 be satisfied with ...

是run way runway run way ,,,,歌名是 DIA FRAMPTON - Walk Away

Just No Other Way

歌曲名:The Other Way 歌手:Gregg Rose 专辑:Shadows In The Rain The Other Way Weezer I want to help you But I don't know how I want to soothe you But I can't speak out I have many fears About rejection I have many memories of pai...

Walk Away 专辑:Red 歌手:Dia Frampton 你听到的那句歌词应该是:You better run away' run away' run away.

in some way:在某方面 in some ways:在某些方面。 I hurt my desk in some way. 我从某种程度上损坏了我的课桌。 PS:可以用in the other way,不过在作文中,一般习惯用on one hand...on the other hand.

Are You With Me (Radio Edit) - Lost Frequencies I wanna dance by water 'neath the mexican sky Drink some margaritas by a string of blue lights Listen to the mariachi play at midnight Are you with me are you with me Are you wi...

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