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hire,rent Hire和rent用作动词时,一般都表示“租用”、“租借”的意思,其实这两个词的涵义和使用场合是不同的。hire也可表示“雇用”,而rent则不可。现把hire 和rent分辨如下: (一)hire可用于人或物,如: They hired a truck to dispose of th...

这句子简化成 the ability is important to hire 还是for hiring ,还是to hiring 的问题。 个人认为应该改为 to hiring保险些,for hiring 也可以的。首先从意思上来讲,...的能力 对 雇佣合格的职员很重要。首先排除to hire,因为我们需要介词...

歌曲名:The Grey 歌手:Icon For Hire 专辑:Scripted Copeland - The Grey Man Don't worry now, it's all erased Burn to grey and white Your fireproof heart was never wasted And steady all the while So You say Don't worry now, it's al...


hire雇用,employ聘用 前者是被动,后者是主动. hired himself out as a cook; hired out the cottage for the summer. 他被雇佣当厨师;夏天把小屋租了出去 employed much time and energy to the hobby. 在这项业余爱好上花了大量时间和精力

Icon For Hire - The Grey I am standing on the edge of returning or just running away I am letting myself look the other way And the hardest part in all of this is I don't think I know my way back home Is it worth the journey or...

这是根据介词本身含义 的用法 with 的意思是 具有 这里的with 短语 作定语 修饰people 具有天资和潜在能力的人 后面的不定式 是目的状语 不属于固定搭配

我发给你好了^_^ 邮箱呢?!

Hope of Morning 歌手:Icon For Hire 所属专辑:Icon For Hire My mind's a kaleidoscope, it thinks too fast 我的思想如万花筒一般迅速闪现 Blurs all the colors 'til I can't see past 努力模糊所有的颜色,然后我便看到了从前 The last mi...

我弟弟没有被雇用的原因是他不会操作那台机器。答案是why my brother is not hired,可以用现在完成时态 就是why my brother hasn't been hired,因为原句是用 一般现在时代替现在完成时

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