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01 – Know Yourself 07 – Pretty On Purpose 08 – Where To Now 09 – Dont U Have A Man Featuring Dwele Little Brother 10 – You The 6 11 – Man Of The Year Featuring Lil Wayne 12 – Bitch Is Crazy 13 – Must Hate Money Featuring Rich B...

“ The railway owes me £12,”she said to Harry Jenks, the booking clerk (订票员). “My ticket was for May 22nd, and there was no ship from ...

Every great nation owes to the man, whose lives have formed part of its greatness. Not merely the material effect of what they did, not merely the ...

及物动词 vt. [W] 1. 欠(债等)[(+to/for)][O1] I owe the landlord one hundred dollars./I owe one hundred dollars to the landlord. 我欠房东一百美元。 2. (应)感激[(+to)][O1] We owe a great deal to our parents. 我们深受父母之恩。 3. ...


直译是: 别总是说这世界有养你的责任。这世界啥都不欠你。这世界是先你而来的! 意思是 你有自力更生的责任。


The $5 I owed him and the $5 he owes me cancel out.他与我各欠对方五元,正好相互抵消。3.取消;中止名词n. [C]1.删除;取消;撤销2.轧票钳,打孔器[...

put也有说之意,i'll put it another way.(我换种方式说)一般用谁谁谁说用SAID时 后面直接就引用或用that从句了 没有见过said it这样的,同时 put的现在和过去式同形式 owe someone sth 欠某人什么东西 建议楼主顺便查一下apology的用法


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