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好处:方便快捷,节省时间,在节奏超快的城市里面为了节省时间可以选择快餐来充饥. 坏处:油炸食品,致癌率高,高脂肪,高胆固醇、高热量,容易造成血脂升高,进而容易的高血脂、高血压的疾玻 总值弊大于利

Hamburger汉堡包 mayonnaise 蛋黄酱 pickle 腌黄瓜 cheese 奶酪 onion rings洋葱圈 Fried chicken 炸鸡 chicken nugget 鸡块 apple pie 苹果派 ketchup 番茄酱 coke 可口可乐 Chicken burger 鸡堡 fish burger 鱼堡 French fries 薯条

fast food是快速食品。比如说快餐店,汉堡店,pizza店等速食食品店。举个例子说麦当劳啊,肯德基啊,pizza hut啊之类的。 Junk food是垃圾食品的意思。比如说包装的薯片啊(是商店里卖得那种,不是汉堡店里配汉堡的那种),薯条啊,糖精水的饮料...

In recent years, there are many foreign fast food restaurants appeared in China. Now, it is even hard to find seats in some fast food restaurants. Why can they draw so many persons' attention? Firstly, just as its name suggests...

fast food [英][fɑ:st fu:d][美][fæst fud] n.速食; 快餐; 例句: 1. Most fast food meals are over 1000 calories. 大部分的快餐食物含热量超过1000卡路里。 2. Foul language reminds me of fast food. 下流的语言让我想起速食食品。

Fast food business has developed tremendously in the past 50 years.Nowadays people will see all kinds of fast food restaurants here and there.which clearly shows how closely it is related to our daily life.Most people believe t...

你好! what is fast food? 快餐是什么? Fast food First appeared in the western world, English is called "quickmeal" or "fastfood". After introduced into China, Chinese name is called "fast food", namely the cook well, can the su...

中式快餐,有很多,如: Chinese Noodles Versus Western Fast Food Cuisine of Sichuan in China Cuisine of Sichuan in China (这些都是四川食品) Cuisine of Sichuan in China Cuisine of Xinjiang in China Guide for your Beijing wirele...

Pros: fast, easy access, affordable, save time. Cons: unhealthy, high calories

fastfood may make you become fat,and it's also lack of nutrition,especially for those teenagers who need nutrition most

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