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HE sAiD hE must lEAvE EArly.(摘自新概念英语2) ...

must是情态动词,句意是 他说他必须早点离开。

Look at it!Lesson Shopping made easy 【New words and expressions】() once adv. 曾经,以前temptation n. 诱惑article n. 物品,东西wrap v. 包裹simply adv. 仅仅arrest v. 逮捕★once adj. 曾经, 以前① once = long long ago 很久以前 ② ...

Lesson 60 The future 卜算未来 课文详注 Further notes on the text 1.A relation of yours is coming to see you.您的一个亲戚就要来看您了。 (1)a relation of yours为名词的双重所有格(cf.第10课语法): a friend of my father's 我父...


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