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我等不急春天的来临了 我厌倦了寒冬,厌倦了雪,以及那冰凉的气候。我病了,我也厌倦了冬季的大衣和皮靴!但我想了想,再过个几周冬天将会离去。我将出门和我的好友一起玩耍。我们将重新骑上自行车,玩起棒球。 再过些日子,我们的邻居看上去将...

Although valentine day promotion plan plan [design summarizes] the valentine day is a typical western holiday, but already became the holiday which our country young people like, in view of the valentine day characteristic, att...

应该是:live in the "here and now" 科学家研究指出,由于18至24个月以下的小孩没有掌握语言,所以他们活在 “此刻此地”,因为他们缺乏符号去代表不能直接见到听到的事物和事件。


I think that there is no human rights and equality among the people.

did 助词,无意 they 他们 before 之前 take 坐过 a plane 飞机(吗)

1were 2were 3weren’t 4were 5short 6did 7didn’t 8freckles 9were 10sports 11basketball 12Did 13hobby 14did

1.Which experience do you feel so interesting in the school? 2.How do you think the experiences of your childhood? 3.Which experience is unforgettable for you in the school? 4.Do you understand the experience? 5.Which bad exper...

1. Building up confudence is tough job in life. 2. He built up his confidence through teachers' encouragement. 3. You must build up your confidence before you work things out. 4. Can you help me build up my confidence? 5. She h...

A: Hello! B: Hello! Glad to meet you. A: Tell me something about yourself, please. B: My name is Wan Mei and I live in Guangzhou. I was born in 1978. I am a student of Jinan University. I have majored in Public Administra...

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