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A: Hello! B: Hello! Glad to meet you. A: Tell me something about yourself, please. B: My name is Wan Mei and I live in Guangzhou. I was born in 1978. I am a student of Jinan University. I have majored in Public Administra...

You are so young! you look so young! 口语里面一般不说look看起来怎么样,这是中国人的用法,还有you是第二人称,look后面不能加s


应该是差额部分予以退还。因为第一句里讲到说是“refund you the difference of the 38.50 for the watches being on sale”,这是指补偿的是“difference”,是差异。

(D) admit 承认 (B) opposed as opposed to 而不是 (B) as well as可以放在句中 表示还有 (A) turn off 关掉 (C) approach 方法 (C) the way 定语从句 表明特定一种方式 (D) up for 因为是悬挂的树枝 (A) argument 这一点上没有异议 argue about...

competitor 英 [kəm'petɪtə] 美 [kəm'pɛtɪtɚ] n. 竞争者,对手 双语例句 She tied with her competitor. 她和对手不分胜负。 2.I've dished my competitor. 我智胜了我的对手。

1. He hasn't had any beans. He has just had some peas. 2. They haven't had any tea. They have just had some coffee. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

Here I wish to say hi to all of you and also to ask a couple of questions.

The rush of annual enrolment strikes again. Every school has its correspondening adminstration standrad ,which is also designed to suit students in different family economics state. A boy small in statu was so worried about his...

一、there was a race last weekend. She goes to work every day. My father was at the grocer's last Wednesday. He is painting the bookcase now. The car was the winner last year. 二、I am in the theatre last Saturday. There was a ...

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