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哂囂燕幣^匯蛤 ̄繁賜強麗議匯乂喘隈 査囂燕幣繁賜強麗^匯蛤 ̄古廷議楚簡咎撹哂囂,功象戦簡侭俐蔑陳匯嶽繁賜陳匯窃強麗議音揖遇嗤音揖議咎隈,和中初府購噐^a(an)賜the噴燕幣楚議兆簡+of+燕幣繁賜強麗議兆簡 ̄侘塀

鍬咎葎:匯蛤決徨A bunch of crazy people箭鞘: 輝扮厘峪嬬傍寔議頁匯蛤決徨!At that time, I can only say that a group of really crazy!

a group of crazy people

低挫~ a group of messed up people. raging fellows many crazies a crazy bunch 脅嬬燕幣匯蛤決徨 :)

A group of crazy, get out.

決徨 : [ f┘ng zi ] 1. lunatic 2. madman 凪万犢惱睚: 箭鞘嚥喘隈: 1. 泌惚低御盆麿断低勣核直靴罪局湊峠剴,麿断匯協氏範葎低頁倖決徨. they must think you are a madman if you tell them you want to cross the pacific on a raft. 2. 嗤倖決徨篤撒阻椎嫌鮫,壓貧中皿阻俯謹厨憎. a madman mutilated the painting by cutting holes in it.

匯蛤の髄繁の鍛が恷も寄きかったA group of crazy sisters is the largest


決徨 [f┘ng zi]lunatic; madman; madling

決徨1.a nut2.lunatic3.madman4.psycho

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