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puke-eminem new devide-linkin park the way i am-eminem heartless-kanye west my name is-eminem fack-eminem bet on it-歌舞青春 amazing-kanye west apologize-timbaland in the end-linkin park imma be-black eyed peas i gonna feeling

我喜欢的事伤感说唱风,不知道你了,拉了几首我喜欢的上来EYES ON ME - 王菲You were My Everything - Aviation. NANA - lonelyMy Happy Ending - Avril LavigneJ Rice - Just A Dream. sam watters - why would i ever apologize - timbaland p.d.a

黑眼豆豆的:My humps. I Gotta Feeling. 都还可以

告诉你一些歌手的名字吧 他们的歌都很好50 cent-纯正的黑人饶舌歌手. jay-Z-说唱界教父. Eminem-喜欢用极端的歌词表达对世俗不满的痞子型歌手. Nelly-音乐人加商人,用歌词表达对于着装的考究. Pharrell Williams-流行说唱界的全能冠军. Missy

Christina Aguilera(come on over) (fighter) (genie in a bottle) (aian't no other man) ( you are what you are) (what a girl wants) Ldy lickem (tell me who you are) Mariah carey (byebye)(hero)(we belong toghther) Sarah Connor(just one last dance)(he's unbelieve) James Blunt(詹姆斯.布朗特)-You re Beautiful

only time 恩雅 because you live Jesse McCartney seasons in the son西城男孩 in my life铃木重子 take me to your heart麦克学摇滚 my love西城男孩 never gone后街男孩 mandy西城男孩 until the time is through Five no matter what男孩地带 don't make me wait 911 if your heart is not in it西城男孩 may it be恩雅 绝对好听

第一首:Stand 第二首:peerless 第三首:floorfiller 第四首:sosforlove(又名:爱情求救号) 第五首:hey-oh 第六首:OneForDaMoney 第七首:Ein Kleines Lied 第八首:la isla alizee 第九首:groove coverage 第十首:LET'S TALK ABOUT


Eminem的歌都不错~~Stan~~Without Me~~Sing For The Moment~~Lose Yourself~~Crack a bottle这几首都很经典~~ Akon的歌应该知道吧~~ Will Smith~~那个好莱坞的男明星~~电影应该看过吧~~其实他是唱歌出身的~~歌很不错~~Black Suits

Eminem的 when i'm gone满慢的 you're my everything 也慢

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