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找到了没有兄弟 这个歌 Faded

难道是酷玩 的Yellow 你去听听看吧~~~~ Coldplay 的Yellow

应该是Alan Walker的Faded

Go - Alyssa ReidEven if you cared I wouldn't dare to followEven in your dreams when you're feelin hallowAnd I know you won't dareYou don't care cause you know I'm gonna go..so goEven if you tried I wouldn't find a reasonTell me in your lies and

You are beautiful歌手:James Blunt专辑:Back To Bedlam语言:英语发行时间:2004.10.11

你说的是Alizee演唱的《La Isla Bonita》吧.原唱是Madonna喔~

mv是一个外国小男孩穿着戴帽子的衣服 帽子戴在头上 一直走 穿过战场 最后太阳出来小男孩把帽子摘 求一首男女说唱的英文歌,中间高潮部分是 回答 2 5 今年有一首歌开头是女的哼唱后面是男的说 回

Bye Bye Bye - Lovestonedwhen i see youlooking back at mewatching this eye stilldo your fingersand your eyeshave told thousands lightsbut i cant tell this timewhat you really meantwe've been crossing the wiresand still no sparkslost in tight, falling

您好!这首是Eminem 和Rihanna唱的《Love The Way You Lie 》 这首歌在2010年的年度排行榜上排第前十的哦~挺不错的.再推荐您一首歌吧:only girl- Rihanna仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

When You Believe 播放 歌手:Whitney Houston Many nights we pray With no proof anyone could hear And our hearts a hopeful song We barely understand Now we are not afraid Although we know there;s much to fear We were moving mountains

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