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Wish you a whole world of happiness now that your birthday is here. May your memories today be warm ones. May your dreams today be dear. May your joy last through the year.愿你的生日充满无穷的快乐,愿你今天的回忆温馨,愿你今天的梦想甜

May your birthday be a celebration of the life. Wish you all happiness, health and prosperity with many returns of the day. 愿你的生日是对生命的歌颂,祝健康快乐,事业蒸蒸日上. I hasten to congratulate you on the coming of your birthday. May

Happy wedding I wish you a happy Happy Halloween Happy Mother's Day Happy Father's Day

Happy birthday生日快乐Wish you a long life!祝您万寿无疆!

From majestic mountains and valleys of green to crystal clear waters so blue, this wish is coming to you.越过青翠的峻岭和山谷,直到晶莹湛蓝的水边,飞来了我对你的祝愿.It's joy to know you, wishing the nicest things always for you, not only

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. 祝你年年有今日,岁岁有今朝, 生日快乐.


你好 祝福英文 如下Dear XXX Finally be in your age years You re going to grow up and understand how to be independent. Now is going to the third grade of Junior H, so you must study harder, and show up for me to see you are the best. Thank You From, XXXX 学姐

Happy birthday, Miss .. I wish you be more beautiful and i believe you and your boyfriend will have a sweet future. Best wishes for you and your boyfriend. 祝你生日快乐某某老师,愿你越来越漂亮,我相信你和你的男朋友会有一个甜蜜的未来,给你和你男朋友最好的祝福!!(还满意吗??O(∩_∩)O~)


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