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那个英语高手帮我翻译下面一段话 英译汉 (电脑翻译的不要)?

China's imperial examination system, originated from the sui dynasty, tang, song, yuan each, but become countries at the main ways of choose and employ persons, the imperial examinations system is in fact. 19th century, various countries have

Some of the correction are as below and for your reference.He could very easy to make his ideas in his work;His design philosophy is on a very high level;and his design and illustration always make the people exciting.Many years of academic

1.我很常都尝试寻找自己.2. 我很多时候都反映我自己.3. 我很常都发和自己有关的白日梦.4. 我很少以苛刻的看法看待自己.5. 总而来说,我都总是注重我的内心感受.6. 我时常都为我的行为寻找借口.7. 我有时候会精神上往后退一步,从远处自我审查.8. 我可以很快的察觉自己在情绪上的改变.9. 当我遇到问题时,我知道我的脑袋是如何运作解决问题.

Hearing from you, I said to my parents that you and your family all wanted me to pay a visit to Australia. I negotiated with my parents and decided that I would go to Australia to know about the life there just following your parents opinion. After all, we

I know the Arsenal, and I will do in Asia in the scene, Arsenal to China, I have witnessed the everything, I really was very excited to see their favorite team is how excited you see things, professor, that really is too excited, I chanted your name, I'm just

really was very excited to see their favorite team is how excited matter, that a few days I saw many players, and coach, I also and they shook hands, I'm really very, very excited, very happy, I took part in the team event, also watched the team's training

你那里都是中国学生嘛?如果都是的话,就不说中国女孩了,大家都知道,而且,是男是女,大家也能看的出来.你就说,Hello everyone! I am XXXX, 17 years old. I am from (你可以说你来自哪里).I am an outgoing person(很开朗). I like

Elizabeth is Bennett's two daughter, clever. She has many advantages: be clever and sensible, lively and lovely, beautiful generous, from her witty conversation may discover she is not inferior to any one of the characters in the film. Her honesty,

Last month, Annette Harvey, a foregin teacher from Britain, gave us a lecture on British culture. We learned a lot about English afternoon tea from the lecture.上

My integrity, honesty, studious, work carefully and sense of responsibility, strong psychological quality, strong adaptability and solidarity, and can be well with colleagues and collaborative work, the personality is bright, easy and clear thinking, humor,

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