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Two When asked the life in college,my first thought is the combine between study and entertainment . I have heared many stories told by people that my students who have attendde university just play without studying. I should learn something when

As we know,peopie cut more and more trees today. So, there are many probiems of the environment.For exampie,the fiood,idebris flow and desertization menace peopies' lifes.They have made thousands of people die and many houses fall.And

My colorful lifeIf I were to describe my life as a picture, it must have been one of the vibrant-colored spring! I go to a boarding school, which contributes the most to my colorful life. I would never imagine myself adopting to an environment far far away

I think the most popular media is the newpaper, because newspaper are more easier to carry than a computer, so you can read the newspaper anywhere you go. And the

I am the president and representative of XXX, I am here to talk about how to save our environment. As we all know, global warming is an important issue in the climax and environmental changes happening with it. Our country have some ways to

Write a composition about a successful person in your eyes ,and about how they overcome difficulties in achieving success. 写一篇作文,题目是关于一个成功的人在你眼中如何克服困难取得成功. Suggested title: 建议标题: The Man I Admire 这个人我钦佩 My Understanding of a Successful Man 我认识的一个成功的人

reference books on different lifestyles, occupations, cultures, or governments will open new doors to students. Students who can\'t read will only know what the

At the age of the science and technology ,there is no dencying that the society requires more .With the deveopment of education,the nunber of the college students has increased to a high level.The employeement of the college students is an

Game in China In China, different sports appeal to different people. Not everyone likes the same sports, the more people will play sports, including basketball, soccer, table tennis, badminton. Basketball, more than a sport, it is a part of life in China.

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