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Education InternshipGroup Coaching and Training in PsychologySituation and PolicyCompensation PlanThesis on Combination of Theory and Social Practice of Maxism

1、科技文献检索:Document Retrieval Technology.2、设施园艺学:Horticultural facilities.3、园林植物病虫害防治:Garden plant pest control.4、园林植物遗传育种学:Garden plant genetics and breeding.5、城市生态学:Urban Ecology.6、城

我要提问 急求部分课程名称英文翻译~匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 法国留学国际贸易专业部分专业课程名称有什么? 答: 高等数学、计算机应用基础、基础会计学、基础英语、国际贸易、国际贸易

Course nameOverview of artCollege sports 1Thought morals tutelage and legal foundationCollege English 1-1Japanese 1-1The military theorySketch 1Colour 1Design basisInformation technologyCollege sports 2China's modern history

affreightment,regular shipment,container transport,international container unite

1. Western costume history 2. principle of Interior design 3. Silk screen basal techniques (a) 4. Wood base (elective) 5. Clay sculpture: copy (elective) 6. Female jacket (elective) 7. design investigation8 . Human resource development and management

during the period of study hard, enrich their spare, let oneself every day the full努力学习,丰富课余期间,让自己的每一天都过的充实”

大学英语1 University English I 大学英语2 University English II 大学英语3 University English III 大学英语4 University English IV 概率论与数理统计 Probability and Mathematical Statistics 国际经济学 International Economics 华夏文明释疑

理e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e4b893e5b19e31333264646464论力学 Theoretical Mechanics 材料力学Mechanics of Materials机械原理 Principle of Mechanics 电工学 Electrical Engineering高等数学 Advanced Mathematics机械制图

1. 合同法 --- Contract Law 2. 劳动法 --- Labor Law3. 外国歌剧欣赏 --- Foreign Opera Appreciation

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