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宸担謹定厘匯岷握彭低 低祥寔砧音壓吭宅 ‐그동안 줄곧 당신을 사랑했어요.정말 모르는체 합니까?/...

厘匯岷握彭低 It Is You I Have Loved 旬廉触,仭噸畢 Jessica Simpson 蟹 戔兆 咎 There is something that I see In the way you look at me There's a smile, there's a truth In your eyes 貫低心厘議舞蓑戦 厘窟崛膨隔峩廉 低議凛舞戦 割...

哂囂頁I'll always love you! 鞘徨盾瞥 always 哂[ˈɔ:lweɪz] 胆[ˈɔlwez,-wɪz,-wiz] adv. 械械; 悳頁析頁; 喟垓兵嶮; 音僅仇; [箭鞘]Whenever I get into a relationship, I always fall madly in love 厘...

溝鏡の房い ずっと徭蛍なりの碧圭で埴を握してる

I Will Always Love You 厘繍喟垓握低 旨蒙鶴,俚帽禽井議梧簡(嶄哂斤孚) If I should stay.泌惚厘藻和栖。 I would only be in your way.厘氏撹葎低議鄂壱。 So I'll go.侭參厘宣肇。 But I know.徽厘岑祇。 I'll think of you every step of th...

暴があなたをずっと握しているから(恷朔椎倖から匯違頁咀葎議吭房壓宸戦辛參咎葎^氏 ̄) 匆辛參宸劔傍 暴があなたのことをずっと握しているから宸倖燕器氏厚膿倉匯泣嗤握低議畠何議根吶

晩囂困困辰函握している。 響咄zu tto, ai shi te i ru. 晩囂坤坤奪函▲▲ぅ轡謄ぅ 響咄砦溶唖厂牢鑓揃。

i will love you all the time with my heart till the moment my life finishes

I don't know if you love or not, but I will always love you, wait for you!

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