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残疾人 英语翻译

残疾人的英语:disabled individuals。 (1)disabled 英[dɪsˈeɪbld] 美[dɪsˈebəld] adj. 残废的,有缺陷的; v. 使无能力( disable的过去式和过去分词); 使残废; 使伤残; 使无效; (2)individuals 英[ɪnd&#...

残疾人的英文:disabled people disabled 读法 英 [dɪsˈeɪbld] 美 [dɪsˈebəld] adj.残废的,有缺陷的 v.使无能力( disable的过去式和过去分词);使残废;使伤残;使无效 短语: disabled person 残废人 learning dis...

残疾人专用卫生间的英文:accessible lavatory accessible 读法 英 [ək'sesɪb(ə)l] 美 [ək'sɛsəbl] adj. 易接近的;可进入的;可理解的 短语: readily accessible 易接近的;易达到的;可存取的 例句: 1、Both ...


Let's take action to offer our help for the persons with a disability.

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the handicapped the disabled 还有一个,是中国人的发明,中国英语叫 deformed (变形的)

How to take care of the disabled people? Disabled people are normal people,except that they can not see as much as we can,or they can not walk as fast as we can. Since they can not see as much,or they can not walk as fast,they ...

用 the加形容词就是代表一类人 the disabled have some difficulties

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