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帮忙把中文翻译成英文 ( 在对的时间遇到对的人是...

在对的时间,对的地点,遇见对的人,做对的事情的英文:At the right time, right place, meet the right people to do the right thing 其他短语表达: 1、right here 就是这里 2、right on [俚]好极了(表示支持、鼓励);你说得对 3、to the ...

meet the right person at a wrong time or meet your Mr Right at a wrong time

오른쪽 사람들을 만날 수있는 적절한시기에 의사가

In one's lifetime, please work hard to make oneself more excellent. Before the appearance of the right person, please reserve the ability to love.在一个人的时光里,请努力让自己变得优秀,在那个对的人出现之前,请保留爱的能力

우린 잘못 한 것 없어요.그저 틀린 시간에 맞는 사람을 만난 분이에요.

It's something you giving when you meet your Mr Right. 或You will giving something when you meet somebody.

我希望可以成为那个对的人 I hope I can be the one

기 다리 는 사람 에 대한

在对的时间遇到对的人是一种幸福,相反,在不对的时间遇到对的人是一种令人痛苦的事情 対の时间は一种の幸せな人は、逆に、いやな人に出会った时间は一种のことです

it is very difficult TO Meet the right person,

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