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帮忙把下面的句子翻译成英语, 晚上六点半我会在公...

Half past six p.m. I will be waiting for you at the park entrance, do not be late Oh

I usually get up at 6:30.

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:我每天六点半上学。 翻译:I usually go to school at half past six every day 百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译。

We used to get up at half past six and do sports.We now get up at six and practise English.

七点五分:five past seven 六点半:half to seven; half past six 八点一刻:eight fifteen fifteen past eight a quarter past eight

She leaves home at half past six every day. She leaves home at half past six each day.

She gets up at 6:00, and has breakfast at 6:30, then goes to school by bicycle at 7:00. At 16:15, she plays soccer in the playground. She does her homework at 20:00, and then goes to bed at 21:00.

Let's see in my house at six thirt。 希望能帮到你

He gets up at six-thirty. 如果没有时间状语,用一般现在时就可以了。

Party will be held on next Saturday evening about 6:30.

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