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wear inside-out

Clothes backwards

说“衣服穿反了”said, "the clothes are worn out"

一楼井蛙之见,出羞以为喝彩. 跟二楼学学吧You clothes is wearing inside out.inside out 反转 (你只用字面解析便明白)up side down 上下颠倒

衣服内外穿反:inside-out前后反穿:backwards例:you're wearing your sweater inside-out.你的毛衣内外穿反了.your shirt is on backwards.你的衬衫前后穿反了.he likes to wear his turtleneck backwards.他喜欢前后反穿他的长领毛衣.

我把衣服穿反了I put on my clothes backwards.

You wear the clothes inside out.wear sth inside out 把衣服穿反了

She puts her clothes on back to front.希望我的回答对您有帮助,祝好!祝您学习进步!如果不懂建议重新提问,也可以直接追问哦.

Put on your clothes. 穿衣服. Dress yourself. 自己穿衣服 get dressed 穿衣服sich etw. anziehen 穿衣服

For Chinese, last name comes first.或Comparing with foreigner's, Chinese person's name is in reverse order of word.

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